Ordering Textbooks

Textbook orders may be submitted online by accessing the OSU Bookstore. To easily find course numbers, section numbers, and enrollment capacity, look at the Schedule of Classes for the particular term. If you have ordered textbooks previously you can use the "Copy Items from Previous Term" button to select the term you would like copied.

Pointers from the OSU Bookstore:

1. Please list class notes and course packets each and every term. This way students will know to expect notes and we will provide room on the shelf for them. Remember, even though you list class notes on your Bookstore order, you must also order the notes each and every term through OSU Printing and Mailing. They will not print notes if they do not receive a direct order from the instructor or the department. It is imperative that you contact Printing and Mailing Services each and every term that you want something printed for you class. They will not print it if you do not contact them, even if you include it on your order to us.

2. Please list videos, course packets, and any other "non-textbook" material on your order. Even though they are not officially textbooks, we need to know everything that students will acquire through the bookstore, so please list them. If you don't know the ISBN number, just put X's in the ISBN field.

3. Please remember that if a book is listed as "recommended" or "optional", we order a smaller quantity than if the book is listed as "Required."

4. Please keep in mind when "bundles" are ordered, we cannot split the bundles apart and sell just parts of them. If a bundle is going to be used, please make sure that all the components of the bundle are necessary for the students to have. If not, please just order the books separately so that the students can purchase only what they need. In the long run, it helps them more if they can just buy what they need than if they have to pay for a "discounted" bundle that has a book or item they don't need in it.

5. Please put any information that is important in the comments section of the order. Things like: "Students must have CD that accompanies the book," or "student does not need CD," or "Class meets Dec 31st," or "Students will choose one optional book to read." It is especially important that we know if a CD is required with a book so that during buyback we can make sure all used books have that CD.

6. If you have a 400/500 level class that uses exactly the same book, you don't need to submit two orders. Just submit the order for the 400 level part and in the comments area, state that the books will also be used in the 500 level. Please be sure to state the Total Enrollment in the comments area. You can also do this with classes that have multiple sections. If the book is the same in all the sections, just submit the order for one section, then in the comments list the other sections and the Total Enrollment.

If you have questions please contact the OSU Bookstore Textbook Department at 1-800-595-0357 or Vickie Bailey.