Tuition and Fees

2017-18 academic year tuition rates

Undergraduate programs

 OSU tuitionDistance education feeTOTAL
All Undergraduate regular programs
unless listed below
$208/credit $80/credit $288/credit
Developmental math: MTH 065 & MTH 095 (on site - effective fall term 2016) $208/credit $0 $208/credit
College of Business* $228/credit $80/credit $308/credit
College of Engineering: Pre-Engineering* $242/credit $80/credit $322/credit
College of Engineering: Pro-Engineering* $259/credit $80/credit $339/credit
Computer science See program's tuition and fees page

Graduate programs

 OSU tuitionDistance education feeTOTAL
All Graduate (regular) programs
unless listed below
$448/credit $80/credit $528/credit
Ed.D.: Community College Leadership $477/credit $80/credit $557/credit
Ph.D.: Counseling $477/credit $80/credit $557/credit
Graduate Certificate: Public Health $511/credit $80/credit $591/credit
MBA & business courses $697/credit $80/credit $777/credit
College of Engineering* $503/credit $80/credit $583/credit

*College of Business and College of Engineering students are charged a differential in addition to the regular tuition. The above lists current tuition and fees for business and engineering students who take Ecampus courses (in any subject).

On-campus students: Ecampus tuition and fees are charged in addition to your on-campus tuition and fees, and it is based on the fixed, per-credit rate stated above. 

Examples of regular tuition:

3-credit undergraduate course: 3 x $288 = $864
3-credit graduate course: 3 x $528 = $1,584