Collaboration benefits

Employee benefits

Access to a top-ranked education

Employee-focused collaborations create pathways to educational opportunities. With Oregon State, they’re backed by 150 years of experience and ranked among the best in the nation.

Professional growth opportunities

Our wide range of programs enables employees to find relevant degrees, increasing their day-to-day work capabilities and creating more opportunity for career advancement.

Access to global community

Oregon State Ecampus students learn alongside peers from across the globe, creating networking opportunities and lifelong connections.

Financial support

One of the most significant barriers to higher education is cost. Through collaboration, organizations can lighten the financial load for their affiliated students.

Improved position competency

During their time at OSU, student employees are empowered to improve their overall professional performance by applying the real-world skills gained in their coursework.

Employer benefits

Increased employee retention

Access to a top-ranked education combined with the support that comes through collaboration creates stronger employee commitment to staying with their organization.

Improved employee performance

OSU programs provide individuals with real-world skills that can be applied directly to their current and future roles within an organization.

Positive employee referral

Educational benefits can produce a community of employee advocates, improving recruitment efforts and fostering positive internal dialogue.

Communication opportunities

A collaboration with Oregon State University shows a dedication to employee success through access to education, a narrative worth sharing. We are proud partners in sharing that story.