Collaboration Process

Customized collaborations produce vibrant relationships

Every organization has a unique mission, vision and architecture. Each company culture comes through vividly in our corporate and workforce collaborations. At Oregon State, we recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach is not enough to ensure goal attainment. From our first engagement to the official launch of a collaboration to its sustained support, we work tirelessly to ensure every agreement has the best interest of both employer and employee in mind.

Examples of collaborative structures

Exclusive collaborations

These collaborations provide direct contact between Oregon State University and the collaborating organization such as our relationship with the Professional Hockey Players' Association. Direct, exclusive collaborations offer the greatest flexibility for benefit structures, marketing strategies and agreement updates. They often produce the clearest, most direct communication for potential students.

Conduit collaborations

These collaborations leverage a third party organization to facilitate processes and student support. They are effective for connecting with a wide range of organizations and prospective students while creating a central location for employee support. EdAssist by Bright Horizons® is one of our existing conduit collaborators.

Examples of payment agreements

Direct pay

In this structure, the collaborating organization is billed directly for every student employee’s tuition and materials. This allows the individual to focus on their education rather than balancing payments and financial deadlines.


In this model, students are initially billed for tuition and materials. They are subsequently reimbursed by the collaborating organization in the amount or percentage described by the agreement, generally through an expense submission process.


Corporate and workforce collaborations provide extraordinary opportunities for individuals across the globe and warrant celebration. We make it a priority to share the story of our collaboration with peers in the higher education space as well as in a variety of public forums.

We also recognize that the additional tasks related to establishing a new program can seem daunting. Our solution is to shoulder a portion of that burden by collaborating with organizations on robust marketing strategies to ensure eligible employees are aware of the opportunity and have a clear and exciting path to enrolling at Oregon State University.

Privacy and security

Collaboration details

We recognize the importance of keeping agreement details confidential. Although we have a large team of collaborators who are dedicated to thriving relationships, information about each collaboration is only shared as needed and with the approval of the collaborating organization.

Student information

The security of our students’ information is not only essential to OSU but also a national mandate. Students who benefit from these coporate and workforce collaborations are no different. We work closely with all collaborators to ensure any form of billing or communication is protected and secure.

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