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Oregon State physics instructor K.C. Walsh writes on a lightboard (a transparent whiteboard that allows the instructor to face their students as they write or draw).

The future of education is wide open

K.C. Walsh, a senior instructor of physics at Oregon State University, long ago realized how burdensome the financial situation is for students. In sports terms, the textbook publishing companies are winning, and it’s a blowout. Financially, the students continually come up short. That’s why Walsh decided to change the game by embracing the open educational resource (OER) movement and giving his students access to no-cost and low-cost course materials.

John Robertson stands with his arms crossed in the Student Experience Center at OSU, leaning against a waist-high railing and surrounded by orange decorative panels.

Getting to know John Robertson

Instructional designer, Oregon State Ecampus By Tyler Hansen Dec. 6, 2016 After a childhood spent in Northern Ireland and a university student experience in Scotland – with two more international stops along the way – John Robertson eventually landed in the United States and made his way to Oregon State University in 2014. His journey to working […]