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Who should take this orientation?

The OSU Ecampus Online Orientation is designed for degree-seeking undergraduate Ecampus students who have been officially admitted to Oregon State. However, much of the information is also relevant to new Ecampus graduate students.

Why should I complete this orientation?

As an undergraduate, you must complete all components of the orientation process in order to register for classes. Your advisor will be notified once you've completed the orientation, and you'll be given information on how to connect with your advisor and receive your registration PIN.

What should I expect?

It should take you about 25-40 minutes to complete the orientation. Your progress will be saved and you may stop and return at any time. This is the first of four basic steps you must go through in order to begin taking classes at Oregon State:

  1. Take the Online Orientation
  2. Prepare for your first advising appointment
  3. Connect with your advisor and receive your registration PIN
  4. Register and prepare for classes

Note: The Ecampus Resource Guide is designed to accompany the orientation process and serve as a resource that you can refer to throughout your time at OSU. Download and print the resource guide, or save it to your computer or mobile device.

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