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Who should take this orientation?

The OSU Ecampus Online Orientation is designed for certificate and, or, degree-seeking graduate Ecampus students who have been officially admitted to Oregon State. 

Why should I complete this orientation?

As a graduate student enrolled in an online degree or certificate program, this orientation module is designed to familiarize you with the online learning platform, and with resources to assist with your learning. This orientation is meant to complement any academic orientations offered by the Graduate School and/or your graduate degree program or college.

What should I expect?

It should take you about 25-40 minutes to complete the orientation. Your progress will be saved and you may stop and return at any time. When you complete your orientation, a confirmation email will be sent to your OSU email address. The Graduate School will be providing the information to new graduate students about how and when to register for their first term. You may also receive additional information that is specific to your academic program. Be sure to check your OSU email frequently.

Note: We encourage students to review the Ecampus Student Resources Guide. It has contact information for many of the offices you will connect with, along with various links to resources and support. You can print the resource guide to keep it in your study space or save it to your computer or mobile device for quick reference. Additionally, the Graduate School's Student Success website has links to valuable information and university resources pertinent to graduate students.

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