Ecampus History

Moving to innovative online and distance teaching methods

Ecampus Online StudentThe roots of OSU Extended Campus trace back to 1932, when the General Extension Division, a centralized state system, was founded.  Early program delivery focused on the Portland metropolitan area, with the establishment of a Portland Center in 1946.  Pioneering programs included off-campus credit and non-credit seminars, like the Thundering Seas craft program on the Oregon Coast. 

In 1982, Liberal Studies courses were offered at Central Oregon Community College in Bend, which paved the way for OSU’s first distance degree program in Liberal Studies.  Early distance-delivered graduate degree programs included the development of the Ed.D. with an emphasis in Community College Leadership  program in 1988. 

In 1998, the unit, then known as Distance and Continuing Education, shifted its focus to community college partnerships and 2+2 programs, enabling students to start their first two years at an Oregon community college and complete their last two years at a distance through OSU.  Early distance technologies included one-on-one correspondence courses, interactive television courses and videotaped courses.  

In 2002, under the leadership of Dean Bill McCaughan, the unit was renamed OSU Extended Campus (Ecampus) and priority for course and program development shifted to online delivery.  In 2003, Summer Session administration, which had been housed within the continuing education unit at times in the past, joined the Extended Campus division.

With the creation of University Outreach and Engagement in 2007, both OSU Extended Campus and OSU Extension were aligned in this new outreach unit under Vice Provost Scott Reed.

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