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Ecampus Research Unit


To support Oregon State University’s mission and vision by conducting world-class research on online education that develops knowledge, serves our students and contributes to the economic, social, cultural and environmental progress of Oregonians, as well as national and international communities of teachers and learners.

The 2016-17 Ecampus Research Fellows

Research Unit wins grant, names fellows

The Ecampus Research Unit has received its first national grant and named eight Oregon State faculty members as its inaugural research fellows.


The Ecampus Research Unit (ECRU) makes research actionable through the creation of evidence-based resources related to effective online teaching, learning and program administration toward the fulfillment of the goals of Oregon State’s mission.

Specifically, the research unit conducts original research, creates and validates instruments, supports full-cycle assessment loops for internal programs, and provides resources to encourage faculty research and external grant applications related to online teaching and learning.

Research priorities

With nationally ranked online programs delivered by Oregon State Ecampus, OSU can make significant contributions to the field of online teaching and learning research in the following four areas:

  • Access
  • Quality
  • Administrative excellence
  • Adult learners

The ECRU prioritizes research that crosses multiple of these areas.