Ecampus Student Success

Ecampus Success Counseling

Ecampus Success Counselors can help you explore issues that impact your academic success and identify strategies and resources to support you in achieving your goals at OSU.

Success Blog

The Success Counselors also operate a success blog that serves as a great resource for students throughout the year, providing tips on study habits, exam preparation and plenty more. 

Student Communities and Organizations

Engaging with your classmates, advisors and faculty can be the key in ensuring your success at OSU and beyond. Many student communities and organizations are available to you.

ASC Learning Corner

Oregon State's Academic Success Center has developed "The Learning Corner" to support students in learning about the skills required for success in the college environment.

Online Study Groups

Online students can use BuddyUp, a social media app, to find study partners, coordinate study groups, and chat with fellow students.

Online Tutoring

OSU Ecampus provides online tutoring through NetTutor, a leading provider of online tutoring and learner support services fully staffed by experienced, trained and monitored tutors. Students connect to live tutors from any computer that has Internet access.

Academic Success (ALS) Courses

Academic Learning Services offers three courses through Ecampus that are designed to help students orient to OSU and be successful in college, choose a career path, and succeed in university-level academics.

OSU Learning Centers

OSU has several additional support services available for students taking online courses.

ALEKS Math Learning Modules

After taking the initial Math Placement Test, you have the opportunity to use a Learning Module within ALEKS to refresh your knowledge of the mathematical topics unique to your results.  ALEKS tells you which mathematical topics you know, and which ones you're ready to learn.  Students who have transfer credit in mathematics are also eligible to use ALEKS to check their knowledge and review or learn concepts through the modules.  Both the initial test and up to 6 months of access to the learning modules are free for OSU students.

Talk with your advisor to determine if ALEKS learning modules may be helpful as you plan for coursework in mathematics, economics, chemistry, statistics or other subjects with a mathematical foundation.