Newly Admitted & Readmitted Students

Congratulations on being admitted to Oregon State University! This page outlines helpful information for first-time, newly admitted or readmitted students who are taking classes online with Oregon State Ecampus. Whether you are starting your journey to degree completion or are simply interested in individual online courses, here are some important things to do before you start classes.

Financial aid

If you plan to use financial aid to help pay for school, visit the Office of Financial Aid for assistance. Nondegree-seeking students at OSU are not eligible for financial aid.

Pay the ATD

Undergraduate degree-seeking students pay the ATD, or the Advance Tuition Deposit. The ATD confirms your intent to enroll at Oregon State University. Post-baccalaureate students and some others are exempt from this deposit. Visit the Office of Admissions for more information on payment, deadlines and exemption.

Set up your OSU Network Identification (ONID account)

Your ONID account gives you an Oregon State email address and is also required for logging into your online Canvas or Blackboard course. It is also required when you register for your classes online.

Complete the Ecampus online orientation

Note: Ecampus students do not need to attend START. The online orientation is intended for undergraduate degree-seeking students. If you are a graduate, or non-degree student, i.e, taking a class, this is not required.

Complete the ALEKS math placement exam (if needed)

Students who have not successfully completed college level math will be required to take the ALEKS Math Placement Test online. College level math is defined as Math 111 (College Algebra) or equivalent and above. If your college level math was taken more than 1 year ago, please speak to your advisor during your first appointment to determine if you will need to take the Math Placement Test.

General instructions: The ALEKS Math Placement Test is designed to assist academic advisors in placing you in the appropriate level of math given your current skill level. Therefore an accurate score on the Math Placement Test is vital in order to provide you with a correct placement. It is recommended that you set aside 90 minutes to complete the test and have reliable internet access when you take the test. You can take the ALEKS Math Placement Test online with a valid ONID account.  Click "LOG INTO ALEKS" in the middle of the page to complete the placement test.

Review our getting-started guide

Hint: you might want to print out this getting-started guide. It includes other great information, such understanding tuition and fees and the advanced tuition deposit (ATD); how to obtain course materials from a distance;  and resources for starting and succeeding in your online class. Similarly, you can access this information via the links on the side navigation of this page.

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For current students

Please call us if you need help or clarification on anything regarding your new student status.

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