Military Students and Veterans

We are pleased to assist you in making a smooth transition from military life to that of a student. We are dedicated to providing you with the tools and services you need to succeed at Oregon State University.

Enrollment at multiple institutions for degree-seeking students

Visit the Enrollment at Multiple Institutions page.

Oregon State University will certify your OSU courses; your other institution will certify its own courses. You must provide the Veteran Certifying Officials with your OSU academic advisor’s approval for courses you enroll in at the other institution. Please contact Cathy Walker at 541-737-2007, Gail Johnson 541-737-1496, Francisco "Pancho" Hernandez 541-737-0593, William Elfering at 541-737-7662, or

Tuition assistance

  • Voyager Tuition Assistance (This program does not cover distance or Ecampus classes.)
  • Yellow Ribbon Program (This program does not apply for summer term, distance or Ecampus classes.)
  • Veterans Dependent Tuition Waiver Program  (This program does not apply to study abroad programs, self-support credits or to previously completed terms. Tuition is waived for Ecampus distance students but students must pay the distance education fee.)
  • Nonresident Veterans Tuition Remission (This program does not apply for summer term, distance or Ecampus classes.)
  • Tuition Assistance Authorization Form:
    OSU Student Accounts must have a letter of authorization on file. Letter of Authorization from the Sponsor includes:
    • Student's name
    • Student's ID#
    • Term or duration of program
    • Charges they will be responsible for
    • Address where to send the bill
    • Contact person's name and telephone number
    For questions and form submission contact Erica Alire at 541-737-0644 or

Ecampus military tuition assistance

Oregon State Ecampus provides financial assistance to currently serving military members who entered the service while they were residents of Oregon and who are using military tuition assistance to help pay for their online classes. This award is in addition to your other military education benefits. Full details and eligiblity requirements »

VA chapters

Visit the Veterans Information page, which has VA chapters information for:

VA/OSU forms

Visit the VA/OSU forms page.


If you need assistance in getting in contact with your advisor, please call 541-737-4166 or email

Confirmation of registration

Once you have registered for classes you can print your class schedule by selecting View Your Class Schedule in Detail. If you have registered for an Ecampus course, Ecampus-Distance Education will be display in the Campus field.

Tuition and fees

Visit the Ecampus tuition and fees page.