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Oregon State's online classes and degree programs are developed and taught by people who are respected worldwide for their expertise and innovation. Read more about some of the instructors who make an impact on students all around the globe. 

Oregon State Ecampus students are part of the growing population who has discovered the many benefits of online learning. Distance learners include community college students, working and retired professionals, stay-at-home parents, military veterans, high school students and people who simply want to take a college course.

Meet Ecampus students

Each year, Ecampus awards more and more undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 40 fields of study. During the 2011-12 academic year, a record 402 students finished their degrees through Ecampus, nearly double the amount (210) that graduated in 2009-10.

Read more about Ecampus students, their educational goals and their plans after graduation.

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