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Why learn Spanish?

  • With over 35 million Spanish speakers in the United States, the U.S. has the 5th largest Spanish-speaking population.
  • In today's diverse work environment, speaking Spanish is always preferred and often required as part of many careers. Learning Spanish will open many doors and provide you with an instant competitive advantage.
  • Due to the similarity between English and Spanish words and because written Spanish is almost completely phonetic,  it is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn.  

Courses offered

First-year Spanish Language Courses (4 credits each)

Course #SummerFallWinterSpring
SPAN 111
SPAN 112
SPAN 113  

Second-year Spanish Language Courses (4 credits each)

Course #SummerFallWinterSpring
SPAN 211    
SPAN 212  
SPAN 213  

Third-year Spanish Language Courses (3 credits each)

Course #SummerFallWinterSpring
SPAN 311  ✓    
SPAN 312  ✓    ✓  
SPAN 313    

Third-year Spanish for Native Speakers (3 credits each)

Course #SummerFallWinterSpring
SPAN 314      

Spanish Culture, Business and Writing Courses (3 credits each)

Course #SummerFallWinterSpring
SPAN 317 Directed Reading and Writing in Spanish    
SPAN 320 Spanish Conversation    
SPAN 336 Latin American Culture      
SPAN 337 Latin American Culture      
SPAN 339 Mexican Immigrant Experience in the United States  
SPAN 411 Specialized Grammar or Linguistics Topics      
SPAN 456 Spanish in the United States      

Students who complete first and second year Spanish will be able to:

  • Use the alphabet, spell words, and pronounce words correctly.
  • Learn vocabulary to sustain basic conversation.
  • Express dates and times.
  • Use verbs in the present tense.
  • Understand more fully the cultural orientation of an assortment of Hispanic communities and identify the similarities and differences from the various communities we belong to.
  • Converse about climate, geography, family, traditions, leisure, etc.
  • Write about topics using grammar and syntactical structures introduced in learning material.

Learn from a well-respected university

Spanish courses are developed and taught by Oregon State faculty within the Department of World Languages and Cultures and all course material is delivered through multimedia instruction coupled with realistic learning objectives. Students will interact with their classmates through online discussion boards and interactive content to gain competency communicating in Spanish. Online students receive the same curriculum and transcripts as our on-campus students.

Transfer your credits

All students enrolled in Oregon State Ecampus classes pay in-state tuition, making online classes affordable and flexible. It is important to note that Oregon State University runs on a quarter system. If you are transferring credits be sure to confirm the transfer policy of your home institution. Learn more about transferring credits.

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