Ecampus students in the military

Sean CarothersSean Carothers

2005 Ecampus graduate
B.S. in Natural Resources
U.S. Air Force

How long did you take Ecampus classes? I took Ecampus courses for about 5 years

City, state where you live, work and took online classes: I currently live in Condon, Ore. where I work as a State Trooper assigned to the Fish and Wildlife Division. I took classes in Aviano, Italy, Lajes Air Field in The Azores, Portugal, Hill Air Force Base, Utah, Pendleton, Ore. and at several remote locations while on Temporary Duty.

Biographical information and educational background: I grew up in Clackamas, Ore. After high school I went to Blue Mountain Community College where I almost finished an associate's degree in Agriculture. I got married there and my wife and I lived and worked on several farms and ranches all around Oregon. At 25, I joined the Air Force with the intent of finishing a bachelor's degree while enlisted. After Basic Training, my first assignment was in Italy. I learned of the Ecampus program while I was there and began taking classes towards a Natural Resources degree. After finishing my enlistment and completing the degree program, I was hired by the Oregon State Police as a trooper in the Fish and Wildlife Division. I had stayed involved in the Air Force Reserve, however, recently I earned a commission in the Coast Guard Reserve.

Why did you choose OSU Extended Campus (Ecampus) to take online classes toward your degree? First, and most importantly, OSU Ecampus is not one of the "degree mill" programs that are becoming more and more common. Second, being from Oregon, I was really excited to be able to earn a degree from OSU, even if I couldn't be there. The third reason I chose Ecampus is the degree programs that they offered.

What did you like about this method of education?
I like that fact that I was able to take courses while overseas, yet my diploma looks the same as if I'd been on campus the whole time.

Describe an instance or situation where you think taking courses online is a key advantage over the traditional college experience? The biggest advantage is that you can take your classes with you and work on them on your own schedule. At one point, I was working on my classes in a tent andon a bombing range in Denmark. That being said, you have to have good time management skills and always keep the goal of a degree in mind.

What would you tell someone who is interested in Ecampus? Depending on how far along you are, it can take years to complete your program, you have to keep the end goal in mind always!

What were your experiences taking Ecampus classes online while on active duty? Military supervisors love to see enlisted members taking college classes, so Ecampus classes helped with promotion while I was in the military.

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