Staff Directory

Greetings! Oregon State Ecampus staff are committed to helping people across the state, nation and world pursue their educational goals. Ecampus staff on the Corvallis campus work with Oregon State faculty to design courses for distance delivery and to provide services from registration assistance to library services to OSU students no matter where they live.

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Oregon State Ecampus main office
4943 The Valley Library
Corvallis, OR 97331-4504
800-667-1465 or 541-737-9204
Fax: 541-737-2734

Anderson, Spencer   Program Representative 1   541-737-5844
Apolinarska, Olga   UX Graphic Designer   541-737-3268
Badger, Rebecca   Director of Marketing and Enrollment Services   541-737-2620
Bausch, Paul   Web Developer   541-737-2970
Beymer, Staci   Executive Assistant to the Associate Provost   541-737-4162
Blyth, Warren   Multimedia Developer   541-737-9685
Bogdan, Olivia   Enrollment Services Specialist   541-737-9288
Breslin, Nick   Web Developer   541-737-3075
Brabham, Sarah   Course & Multimedia Developer   541-737-9095
Bradoch, Alfonso   Director of Academic Programs and Data Analytics   541-737-9116
Casey, Tom   Student Success Counselor   541-737-3071
Cavalier, Ian   Assistant Director, Web and IT   541-737-9340
Collins, Laura   Summer Session Specialist   541-737-9608
Cooper, Julie   Marketing Writer   541-737-8667
Croeni, Doug   Database Application Developer   541-737-9205
Curry, Erica   Academic Programs Manager   541-737-7865
Dello Stritto, Mary Ellen   Assistant Director of Research   541-737-4697
Doherty, Heather   Marketing Communications Manager   541-737-3297
Donley, Amy   Administrative Program Specialist   541-737-5115
Duerfeldt, Ali   Assistant Director of Marketing   541-737-3298
DuPont, Jessica   Executive Director, Market Development and Student Experience   541-737-2569
Engel, Amanda   Internal Business Coordinator   541-737-1368
Fein, Susan   Instructional Designer   541-737-3364
Foster, Ashlee   Instructional Designer   541-737-4985
Franklin, Danielle   Office Specialist   541-737-8447
Gannon, Ann   Office Specialist   541-737-1413
Garcia, Heather   Instructional Designer   541-737-7704
Green, David   Video Producer   TBA
Hamar, Debbie   Marketing Project Manager   541-737-9206
Hansen, Tyler   Marketing Communications Manager   520-312-1276
Harper, Nick   Multimedia Developer   541-737-3215
Henry, Rick   Videographer/Video Editor   541-737-2036
Hertel, Jessica   Administrative Business Specialist   541-737-8905
Hill, Holly   Corporate Education Manager   541-737-3216
Johnston, Karen   Internal Business Specialist   541-737-3519
Kahn, Cub   Hybrid Course Initiative Coordinator   541-737-2803
Kindred, Mark   Web App Developer   541-737-1682
Kroening, Melanie   Course Development and Training Specialist   541-737-9228
Kronser, Zach   Ecampus Scheduler   541-737-1280
Lindberg, Chris   Instructional Designer   541-737-2863
Linder, Kathryn   Research Director   541-737-4629
Lindsley, Brian   Research Analyst   541-737-2237
Loftin, Dorothy   Instructional Designer   541-737-1283
Long, Celina   Enrollment Services Specialist   541-737-3193
Lopez, Andres Lazaro   Student Success Assessment Coordinator   541-737-7215
McAlvage, Katherine   Assistant Director   541-737-8288
McBrien, Elisabeth   Instructional Designer   541-737-7193
Miles, Dan   Marketing Project Manager   541-737-9232
Montgomery, Stephanie   Proctoring Manager   TBA
Mundorff, Deborah   Instructional Designer   541-737-9096
Munger, Amy   Instructional Designer   541-737-8195
Mutka McCarley, Cyndie   Instructional Designer   541-737-2798
Naxer, Meghan   Instructional Designer   541-737-8984
Oakes, Joan   Student Services Specialist   541-737-4166
Olson, Drew   Course & Multimedia Developer   541-737-1148
Perez, Marleigh   Director, Student Success and Support Services   541-737-4836
Phelps, Rebeka   Student Success Counselor   541-737-2436
Powell, Maurine   Assistant Director of Summer Session and Program Insights   541-737-3993
Racek, Brittni   Student Success Counselor   541-737-5107
Rademacher, Craig   Instructional Designer   541-737-2807
Reukauf, Jeremy   Web Developer/Designer   541-737-2576
Riggs, Shannon   Executive Director, Course Development and Learning Innovation   541-737-2613
Roberts, James   Multimedia Developer   541-737-3276
Rogers, Gina   Student Services Representative   541-737-9223
Saemenes, Nick   Graphic Designer   541-737-1525
Shatkin, Lydia   Instructional Designer   541-737-4979
Sherman, Jeff   OSU Open Campus & Special Initiatives, Program Leader   541-737-1384
Spaeth, Austin   Web Developer
Shi, Tianhong   Instructional Designer   541-737-1545
Templeton, Lisa L.   Associate Provost for Ecampus   541-737-1279
Theis, Amy   Assistant Director   541-737-9814
Thomas, Elizabeth   Office Manager   541-737-9224
Thomas, Rebecca   Postdoctoral Scholar   541-737-9211
Ulman, Bethany   Student Success Counselor   541-737-0524
Unrau, Misty   Administrative Program Assistant   541-737-2417
Van Stone, Zachary   Multimedia Developer   541-737-2279
Vieger, Rayne   Assistant Director   541-737-5238
Waldschmidt, Jess   Marketing Coordinator   541-737-2372
Watte, Karen   Director of Course Development & Training   541-737-4130
White, Carlea   Administrative Manager   541-737-2719  
Whitehouse, Kyle   Assistant Director of Learner Services   541-737-5420
Whitney, Melissa   Enrollment Services Specialist   541-737-3194
Yee, Victor   Assistant Director of Course Development & Training   541-737-9974
Yu, Gillian   Fiscal Strategist   541-737-3931