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3D biology microscope

Virtual microscope lab  

Ecampus biology students meet the same learning outcomes in a virtual lab that uses 3D animation to simulate a compound microscope and its controls.

Featured in BI 204
Whale dive

Whale dive animation  

Discover how marine biologists track a sperm whale in this animated simulation as the whale dives deep into the sea and risks death to forage for giant squid.

Featured in FW 302
Ranking historical events

Ranking historical events  

This active-learning exercise lets history students gauge the significance of various historical events that led to the U.S. seeking independence from Great Britain.

Featured in HST 201
Korean consonants

Dynamic Korean lecture  

Students need ample practice speaking and hearing a new language in order to learn it. Ecampus instructors help students accomplish this with interactive lectures.

Featured in KOR 111

Vaccines illustration  

Most of us receive vaccines and know that they protect us from diseases, but how do they actually work? This engaging video illustrates precisely that.

Featured in H 333
Make managerial moves

Make managerial moves  

This simulation puts Ecampus business students in the shoes of a marketing manager trying to revitalize a struggling fashion brand. Make business decisions and discover the outcome.

Featured in MRKT 492
Interactive statistics display

Interactive statistics display  

To help introduce challenging statistics concepts, this interactive platform allows engineering students to visualize the results of their inputted data with a statistics plot.

Featured in ST 314
A doctor's visit in Spanish

A doctor's visit in Spanish  

This language-acquisition exercise puts first-year Spanish students in a simulated, audiovisual setting to enhance their listening skills and vocabulary proficiency.

Featured in SPAN 112

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Leaders in multimedia and course development

Oregon State Ecampus is home to national award-winning multimedia developers and instructional designers.

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Augmented reality:
behind the scenes

Oregon State faculty and Ecampus multimedia developers go to great lengths to create hands-on learning experiences online. These augmented reality projects put analyzable 3D specimens in the hands of students no matter where they live, creating a dynamic learning environment worldwide.

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