Term Checklist and Forms

This checklist provides information and resources to help instructors ensure they're prepared every step of the term. Below you will find steps for before the term begins, the very start of the term, and the conclusion of the term, as well as additional resources you may find useful. 

Before term begins

Check Course Offerings
Checkbox Be sure the course you want to offer is on the OSU Ecampus Schedule of Classes for the term desired. Department Approval: If a course is not listed for term desired, check with your Department Chair or representative to gain approval to offer the course for that term. 

Request CRN
Checkbox Once you have Department Approval, request a Course Reference Number (CRN) by filling out the CRN Request Form.

Order Learning Materials
Checkbox Place orders for textbooks, course notes/packets, and/or videos/DVDs with the OSU Beaver Store. If you are not requiring materials, please still fill out a textbook order form and check the box indicating “No Course Materials”.
Checkbox If you have printed course notes or packets, arrange for duplication with OSU Printing & Mailing.

Import Canvas Content
Checkbox As soon as your course appears on the Schedule of Classes, your Canvas site will be ready for you to edit. Login with your ONID username and password. Follow this guide (Import Your Course Content) to pull content from a previous section or term, or request assistance.

Check your Canvas Course
Checkbox After importing content, there are a few items you should review--please contact EcampusFacultySupport@oregonstate.edu if you have any questions during this process:

  • Updated syllabus has been posted, including your office hours
  • Due dates and availability dates are correct
    • If a recognized university holiday occurs during the term, please adjust your course schedule so that students aren't required to submit work on that date (see the list of holidays and closures).
  • Announcements have been deleted or availability dates have been updated
  • Groups have been rebuilt
  • Links and URLs leading to course content have been checked to still be active
  • Exam and discussion board settings are correct
  • Ensure Online Tutoring is enabled if you want students to have access to online tutoring

Add your Teaching Assistant
Checkbox If you need to add a TA to Canvas, simply follow these instructions on how to use the Add TA tool

Start of term

Publish Canvas Course
Checkbox When you are ready to allow students access to the course, publish the course. Ecampus recommends publishing the course a few days in advance to give students a chance to preview requirements and learning materials. The course must be published before the first day of the term.

Send Welcome Email/Announcement
Checkbox Ecampus recommends sending an email or posting an announcement immediately after publishing the course, welcoming students to the course, setting expectations, and letting them know any important information about getting started.  

Make Testing Arrangements
Checkbox Ensure that your exams are prepared to be deployed. To use proctored exams, you will need to fill out a form with Ecampus Testing; please read through the exam proctoring instructions or contact Ecampus Testing with questions. For assistance with building an exam, please contact EcampusFacultySupport@oregonstate.edu a week prior to the exam start date.

Towards the end of term

Submit Grades
Checkbox Final grades are due the Monday following finals week. They can be either be manually entered or downloaded from Canvas and uploaded to Banner as a csv file. More information regarding final grades and incompletes can be found on our grading page.

Remind Students of Evaluation
Checkbox Please remind students to complete the Student Learning Experience (SLE) Survey. Information for accessing and completing SLE is sent out through ONID by the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment (APA) to all students and instructors.

Understand Course Conclusion Settings
 Checkbox Canvas has been customized to “conclude” courses at the end of each term. Please check this guide (Canvas end-of-term guide) to ensure you understand course access and functionality of a concluded course, making any necessary adjustments by the end of the term.

Additional resources

Student Assistance
Checkbox If your distance students need assistance with connecting to the main campus or have questions outside of your course information, you can refer them to the Ecampus Student Services Center at any point before, during, or after the term. To contact them, please call 800-667-1465 (541-737-9204), option 1, or email ecampus.ess@oregonstate.edu.

Ecampus Instructor Training
Checkbox You can find a wide selection of Ecampus Instructor Trainings on the Ecampus Training Page. For more information regarding instructor training, please contact Katherine McAlvage.

Additional Maintenance Resources
Checkbox You can find many resources for Canvas on our Ecampus Canvas Resources page. If you have additional questions, or need further assistance, please contact EcampusFacultySupport@oregonstate.edu.