Term Extension – Online

A new option to help students thrive

As part of our continual efforts to support students’ road to a timely graduation through innovative course offerings, Oregon State Ecampus and our faculty partners launched a two-week term (term extension) for online courses. These innovative course offerings are designed for students who learn online with OSU Ecampus and on campus in Corvallis.

"The curriculum of both the career development course and online success were top-notch. These two classes in particular focused on personal enrichment. During this very short period of time I learned so much about myself: how I learn, what I most value, where my resources are and how to best utilize them. The list goes on."

Ecampus Student

Benefits of the two-week term

Each of the online classes offered will enable learners to conduct a deep-dive into the course material in an accelerated time frame. Students will now be able to enjoy:

  • More options in how they are able to complete their degree
  • A condensed timeline to fit their busy life schedules
  • Additional support services
  • The ability to graduate sooner and on time

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2020 courses

During the academic year, these two courses will be delivered online over the Fall Term Extension two-week term to give students added flexibility and help them meet their goals en route to graduation.

BA 140 – Financial Literacy for College Life (2)

BA 140 helps students understand the fundamentals of personal finance. It is crucial students are prepared to be prudent managers of their financial resources, enabling them to achieve long- and short-term financial goals and security. In addition, this course will examine how an individuals background experiences, values, goals, and decisions can impact their financial future. CRN: 20484 

This course may be subject to Enforced Prerequisites that restrict registration into the course.  

GRAD 420 – Graduate School Preparation (1)

Applying for graduate or professional school can be a daunting task. How and where to apply, how to choose an advisor, what to look for in a school, and how to obtain funding are hurdles to overcome during the application process. Supplemental materials will be provided as part of the course materials. This course will require roughly 30 hours of work over the course of the two-week term. CRN: 18534