Canvas Resources

OSU uses the Canvas learning management system. If you need help with your Ecampus course, send an email to Ecampus Faculty Support or check out these Canvas resources.

Canvas 24/7 support

All Oregon State faculty and students have 24/7 access to Canvas support.  Access chat, email or phone support by clicking the Help link in the upper-right corner of your Canvas course site.

Canvas guides

Canvas provides excellent online help resources that are updated with each upgrade.

Copy (import) your Canvas course to the next term

Quick reference Canvas guides

Use our quick reference guides to assist with more complex Canvas tasks:

Kaltura Mediaspace and Canvas

These guides will help you use the Kaltura Mediaspace link that's available in Canvas. It is found under MyMedia in the main menu of your Canvas course site and is also available on any page that contains a text editor in Canvas (under the filmstrip icon in the bottom toolbar).

Ecampus course template

Are you looking for help in structuring your Ecampus course? Consider starting with the Ecampus Canvas course template. It includes a mobile-friendly banner, a Start Here module with up-to-date links to university resources available to Ecampus students, and a suggested module structure. You can review the template by going to this site and using the following login credentials:

  • Username:
  • Password: Ecampus!

From the Courses icon on the left, select Ecampus Template.

Visit our Canvas training webpage to get more information and register for upcoming training sessions.