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How Classes Are Delivered

Course delivery methods

In partnership with nearly 1,200 Oregon State faculty members, OSU Ecampus delivers programs and courses in online and hybrid formats. Courses follow the same term schedule as on-campus courses and are not self-paced. Once the term starts, you may log in to your course anytime, but all assignments and exams must be completed according to the deadlines set by the course instructor. Specific details about each Ecampus program’s coursework can be found on our individual program websites.

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When an Oregon State degree or certificate program is offered online, that means that all or nearly all of the program’s coursework is delivered online. Online courses are asynchronous, meaning there are no scheduled class meeting times and you can access courses at your convenience. While you will have specific due dates for your assignments, you can log into Canvas to access course content at any time.

In addition to online coursework, some programs or courses may require you to:

  • Take proctored exams
  • Visit a local library or bookstore to find a book or other resource
  • Conduct field work for a course assignment
  • Pursue a program-related internship in your area
  • Enroll in a site-based laboratory class

Hybrid (online + in-person) learning

These hybrid courses at Oregon State blend regularly scheduled, face-to-face classroom meetings with significant online coursework and interaction. The in-person classroom sessions emphasize engaged, active learning while the online components offer guided learning activities and interaction that add flexibility to fit your personal schedule. While you will have specific due dates for your assignments, you can log into Canvas to access course content at any time.

Some graduate-level Ecampus programs supplement online coursework by requiring attendance at a site-based location at various times during the academic year.

Services for students with disabilities

Whether you take Oregon State Ecampus classes online or in a hybrid format, you'll have access to OSU Disability Access Services. To tap into these resources, you'll need to register your documented disability with DAS to ensure your courses are accessible and instructors are notified of your particular needs.

We're on a quarter term system

Oregon State is on a quarter-based academic calendar, which means we offer four terms of instruction each year (summer, fall, winter and spring).

Please consult with your home institution if you plan to transfer credits to confirm that courses you take will meet your program requirements.

Quarter system

1 quarter credit = .67 semester credit


10 weeks


10 weeks


10 weeks

Semester system

1 semester credit = 1.5 quarter credits

Fall semester

15 weeks

Spring semester

15 weeks
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