Exam Proctoring


Student taking examSome of your distance courses require you to take proctored exams. Your instructor will indicate this requirement via the course catalog, course syllabus, a Canvas announcement or an email. Not all of your courses may require proctored exams.

Most proctors charge a fee and this fee can vary based on the proctors in your area. Proctoring fees are the responsibility of the student.

What is a proctor and why do I need one? A proctor is a person that will supervise you while taking an exam. Proctors are used to ensure academic integrity during the exam. It is your responsibility to find and schedule your proctor in a timely fashion to take your exam. Please see Finding a Proctor for details on acceptable proctors.

If you have questions or problems, please email Ecampus Testing or call us at 541-737-9281. Our office hours are 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. PT Monday-Friday.

How to submit your proctor

We recommend that you fill out the Exams and Proctoring Form two weeks prior to your exam.

Exams and proctoring form

Log in to the Exams and Proctoring Form and complete the four steps to set up your proctor.

  • Step 1: Review and edit your contact information
  • Step 2: Enter the course(s) which require proctoring
  • Step 3: Select and schedule your proctor(s) and submit
  • Step 4: Review your proctor(s) and exam(s)  *This step shows if you submitted your proctor successfully

Exams and proctoring form video tutorial

What to expect after submitting your proctor

Your exam information will be emailed to your proctor within three weeks of your exam. You will receive a confirmation email to your ONID email letting you know that is has been sent.

Contact your proctor directly to schedule your exams. If you are using an off-campus proctor, please ensure they have your exam information. If they do not have your exam information, please contact Ecampus Testing and it can be resent.

If you have submitted a proctor that Ecampus Testing has not used before, it will go through an approval process which can take up to two weeks. Once your proctor has been approved/denied, you will receive a confirmation email to your ONID email informing you of the decision. Then, your exam information will be emailed to your proctor within three weeks of your exam. You will receive another confirmation email letting you know the exam information has been sent.

If you need to take an exam concerning an incomplete from a past term, please have your instructor contact Ecampus Testing.

On the day of your exam

  • Bring a form of photo identification
  • Bring any items allowed by your instructor for the exam (e.g., calculator, book, notes, etc.)
  • Reminder: Cell phones, laptops, tablets and/or PDAs are not allowed during your exam
  • When you complete your exam, it will be sent to your instructor for grading

Please be aware that students are responsible for any printing and/or mailing costs associated with the test. This is most often in relation to paper exams. Please contact your proctor to find out if you need to bring any additional payment or material before your exam.