Ecampus students in the military

Amy Nelson

Current Student
Natural Resources Major
Army Reserves

How long have you been taking Ecampus classes? Two years.

City, State where you live, work and take online classes: I work in Marietta, Ga. and live and take my classes online in Dallas, Ga.

Biographical information and educational background: I am originally from Kansas City, Mo. and other than community college, OSU is the only college I have attended. Due to military obligations and other personal life changes, it has taken me some time to get through college but I am still going to work on it until I have a degree.

Why did you choose OSU Extended Campus (Ecampus) to take online classes toward your degree? OSU was the only school I found at the time offering the online program in Natural Resources.

What do you like about this method of education? I can work on school on my own time.

Describe an instance or situation where you think taking courses online is a key advantage over the traditional college experience? Online courses give me the benefit of having a flexible schedule. I don't have to be in a class at any certain time.

What would you tell someone who is interested in Ecampus? It is nice for scheduling purposes, but I feel you have to work harder because you are basically teaching yourself.

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