Our Mission, Values and Goals

Mission statement

As a leader in online education, Oregon State University Ecampus engages in innovative and creative partnerships to provide access to exceptional learning experiences that transform the lives of students in Oregon and around the world.

   What makes Oregon State Ecampus unique is the fact that our learners choose from the same offerings, learn from the same world-class faculty and earn the same degrees as OSU’s on-campus students. Our online classes meet industry best practices and utilize the latest technologies to create an enriching, interactive learning environment.   

– Lisa L. Templeton, OSU Ecampus associate provost


These values are core to what we do and make this a great place to work.


Helping learners earn degrees and reach educational goals online


Working together, sharing our talents, pitching in, partnering with others

Diversity and Inclusivity

Welcoming new people, seeking out new ideas and new ways of doing things

Evidence and Research

Making data-driven decisions, using and contributing to research literature


Inventing new tools and strategies, creatively solving problems


Being honest and ethical in all we do

Leadership by Example

Taking initiative and walking the talk, every employee, every day

Organizational Health

Supporting each other, celebrating successes, investing in professional development, making this an organization employees are proud to be part of


Setting high standards, striving for excellence, continually improving

Support and Advocacy

Empathizing with those we serve, responding to their needs, advocating on their behalf


Goal 1

Create and promote in-demand, quality online programs that are accessible and affordable for adult learners.

Goal 2

Invest in teaching and learning innovation and research-based online course design and assessment to continuously improve the quality of Ecampus courses and programs.

Goal 3

Develop student success initiatives and services to support, retain and advocate for Ecampus students so they can meet their educational goals.

Goal 4

Expand our role as a national leader in online education by offering exceptional degree programs and pursuing innovative partnerships, affordable learning initiatives and actionable research.

Goal 5

Inspire, engage and collaborate with campus partners and external stakeholders to continuously improve online education at OSU, and beyond.

Goal 6

Foster an organizational culture that strives for employee-well-being, open communication and professional growth opportunities for all employees.

Goal 7

Build an Ecampus culture that is more diverse, equitable, and inclusive by implementing an adaptive strategic plan for inclusive excellence to continually improve our working and learning environments.