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How will my semester credits transfer to OSU?

OSU is on a quarter-term system. When transferring in coursework from a semester-system institution, multiply the number of credits by 1.5 to see how many quarter credits may be transferred. (For example, 3 semester hours x 1.5 = 4.5 quarter credit hours.)

If you are planning to transfer OSU credits out to a semester system, multiply the number of quarter credits by 0.67 to find out how many credits will transfer (4 quarter credits x 0.67 = 2.68 semester hours). This is a rough estimate and each university may be different. Be sure to check with the university you are transferring to to ensure they will accept the credits.

Note: If you're interested in learning more about transfer of credit at Oregon State University, please check out our credit conversion calculator below for an estimate.

Quarter system

1 quarter credit = .67 semester credit


10 weeks


10 weeks


10 weeks

Semester system

1 semester credit = 1.5 quarter credits

Fall semester

15 weeks

Spring semester

15 weeks
Quarter-semester credits converter

Enter a number of credits in either text box. Click "Convert" to calculate.


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