Hurricane Affected Students

If you are a student whose college attendance has been interrupted by the catastrophic aftermath of hurricanes Katrina or Rita, OSU Extended Campus would like to extend to you an academic home via online learning while your current college or university reconstitutes itself.

How to get started:

All the information on how to apply and register for classes is available through the Ecampus website. Below is a brief summary of how to get started.


Special procedures, including a waiver of the application fee and an extended application deadline, have been created for hurricane affected students who wish to attend OSU as degree seeking students.

Under the special procedures you can also apply as a non-degree seeking student. This status is designed for students who wish to take courses, but do not plan to pursue a degree or specific credential. Non-degree admission provides distance students with a simple method of gaining access to registration, without going through the degree admission process.

Select your courses

Courses taken through Ecampus are regular OSU courses that would be transcripted and readily transferable to another college or university. Refer to our Schedule of Classes to determine which courses you would like to or need to take. Each course lists a description and the course syllabus, which can help you and your advisor determine which courses would be most advisable for you to take.

Register for your classes

Once you have been admitted and you have selected your courses you will follow a simple online registration process.


Ecampus courses charge the same tuition rates as on-campus courses for residents; no non-resident fees apply.

Student Services

To help you through this process and ease your entry into Ecampus online course our Student Services specialists can help. Call 800-235-6559 or email