Raising a family, being a student go hand in hand with OSU degrees online

Ecampus lets you earn an education at a top-ranked university

The world doesn't slow down just so you can pursue a college degree, but Oregon State University Ecampus helps students everywhere successfully balance their family and work lives while also obtaining a high-quality education.

Mehra Shirazi, Ph.D.

Mehra Shirazi, Ph.D., teaches dynamic online courses about important international women's issues for Oregon State Ecampus.

Oregon State University is a nationally recognized teaching, research and service institution located in Corvallis, Oregon. OSU has been making an impact since 1868, and we've recently extended our expertise and outreach to the field of online learning.

Ecampus is consistently honored by publications such as U.S. News & World Report as being one of the best online universities in America. These annual rankings are based on a variety of factors, including student engagement, faculty credentials and training, student services and technology, and expert opinion.

Many Ecampus students are parents who work full-time jobs or are stay-at-home moms and dads. The flexibility of OSU degrees online allows you to meet all of life's demands while earning your college diploma, and you can study any time, day or night.

Whatever you're looking for, we've got you covered

OSU Ecampus provides you with access to a first-rate education no matter where you live or where you are in your college career. We deliver more than 100 undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs. Each area of study has a curriculum guide that can assist you in determining which courses are needed to earn a degree from OSU.

In addition, Ecampus features more than 1,750 online courses in more than 110 subjects for you to choose from throughout the year. Check our schedule of classes for a complete list of what's available to you.

"I've shown my three boys the value of education by having them see me devote my time to homework. They see how much I put into my education in order to earn my degree from OSU, and they know that I expect at least as much out of them."

– Jessica Lily Smith
Oregon State Ecampus graduate
B.S. in Environmental Sciences
Dayton, Nev.

It's a quality education on your terms

Being an Ecampus has its perks. OSU is an accredited university, and all Ecampus courses are taught by experienced OSU faculty using innovative course delivery strategies. And Ecampus graduates receive the same diplomas as campus-based students.

Start the next phase of your education by applying to OSU today and finding the right area of study that blends with your community college experience. OSU is on the quarter system and has four start terms each year, giving you even more flexibility when it comes to scheduling your degree plan.

Connect with our Ecampus Enrollment Services, and contact us online or by calling 800-667-1465.

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