DEI in Natural Resources – Online Graduate Microcredential

Develop skills to foster inclusivity in natural resource management

Protecting our planet is a shared responsibility, and natural resource management is one critical component of ensuring a sustainable future for all. But who gets a voice in how resources are managed, and how is consensus built? The day-to-day work of natural resource management is often charged with personal biases, difficult histories, and social and political complexity.

When you earn a graduate microcredential in DEI in natural resources online from Oregon State University, you will learn how to promote inclusive practices in decision-making, apply diversity, equity and inclusion principles within natural resource contexts, and delve into social sustainability indicators for managing resources in communities.

This microcredential will give you hands-on experience, as you work with others to solve real-world resource issues collaboratively — equipping you with vital skills for more inclusive and effective resource governance.

This graduate microcredential was developed in partnership with Oregon State’s Center for the Outdoor Recreation Economy, which works to ensure the recreation economy is a positive driver of economic, social and environmental change in Oregon and beyond.


Required courses (9 credits)


The in-demand skills you’ll develop as a student in this microcredential will give you what you need to stand out and level up in your career.

  • DEI awareness
  • DEI application in natural resources
  • DEI leadership
  • Culture and local knowledge
  • Environmental justice
  • Human and community well-being
  • Stakeholder and public engagement

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