Theoretical Computer Science – Online Microcredential

Gain advanced knowledge that is central to driving innovation in computing

The field of computer science continues to evolve and expand, with an increased reliance on computational systems in almost every industry. There is strong demand for professionals who can elevate their foundational programming skills through an understanding of the theoretical and mathematical underpinnings that shape emerging capabilities in computation.

You can prepare yourself to meet this demand — and stand out in the job market — by earning a microcredential in theoretical computer science, delivered online by Oregon State’s College of Engineering. This 11-credit microcredential is designed for students pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science. It will enhance your studies with a deeper understanding of the science-based skills and concepts that drive innovation in disciplines like AI, machine learning and data science. You’ll also learn how to classify and design efficient algorithms, estimate running times, understand complex computational challenges and tap into a deep knowledge of programming languages and methods.


Required courses (11 credits)

Prerequisite courses

* These courses are required unless you already met this prerequisite.


The in-demand skills you'll develop as a student in this microcredential will give you what you need to stand out and level up in your career.

  • Grammars and automata as models of computation
  • Correctness of algorithms
  • Functional programming techniques
  • Equivalency of models of computation
  • Divide-and-conquer algorithm design
  • Dynamic programming

Start working toward a full computer science degree

Oregon State offers two computer science degree programs online, and you can directly apply the microcredential credits you earn to either one — a bachelor’s degree or a postbaccalaureate degree, which is designed as a fast-track option for those who already have a bachelor’s degree.

If you plan to apply these credits toward a full degree, we encourage you to first contact the program to learn about the degree requirements. Please note that acceptance into a microcredential does not guarantee acceptance into a degree program.


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