Credits required
N/A Oregon State University is on a quarter-term system. There are four quarters each year and classes are 11 weeks long. *
Cost per credit
$346 Based on current tuition rates. No additional charge for nonresident students. Does not include course materials and associated fees and expenses.
Online You can complete all or nearly all requirements of this program online. View the curriculum.
Start terms
4 per year

University Exploratory Studies Program (UESP)

Choosing a major is a tough decision

Deciding what degree and career path you want to pursue isn't easy. And it's especially difficult when you're looking at investing your time and financial resources in a specific major. You need to understand yourself and what makes you the happiest. And you need to know what kind of career will make you jump out of bed each morning, eager to go to work.

The University Exploratory Studies Program (UESP) at Oregon State is designed specifically for students like you. The key word is "explore." UESP provides an academic home for students who want to explore options for a major while working on baccalaureate requirements.

How UESP works

While UESP is not a degree-granting major, we are similar to OSU's academic departments in that we provide support to ensure that you are making satisfactory progress toward a degree.

We provide comprehensive advising services to help you choose courses that will help you start building an academic foundation. Regardless of their major, all Oregon State students are required to complete 51 credits of OSU Baccalaureate Core (general education) requirements.

We help you get started on core requirements and explore your options through:

  • individual advising consultations
  • assistance with choosing a major and other academic counseling
  • help with understanding OSU's academic policies and regulations
  • making connections with academic college advising offices
  • assessing career goals in relation to interests, skills and values

Enrolling in UESP has an added benefit. You are eligible to apply for financial aid because you are a degree-seeking student.

Who UESP is for

UESP is for Ecampus students who are serious about completing their degree online but are unsure which major they want to pursue. Our primary goal is to guide you through an intentional exploration process where you get the information and feedback you need to make an informed decision about a major.

UESP advisors are very invested in guiding you through a successful exploration experience. We promote frequent advisor-advisee contact as you consider which academic pathway best fits your interests, values and abilities.

You can't stay undeclared forever

Our success is your success. That means helping you find what you're good at, what you're passionate about and getting you into a major that will help you achieve your goals.

We do not put an official time limit on how long students can stay in the program, but the goal is to get you connected with a major in a timely fashion. In other words, we are designed to be a temporary home for you while you engage in intentional exploration of majors.


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