Degree-Seeking Students

Oregon State's admissions process includes the completion of an application, payment of the nonrefundable application fee and submission of all official transcripts. Additional information and application forms are available at the OSU Office of Admissions website. You can contact the Office of Admissions at 800-291-4192 or

Degree-seeking students need to apply for admissions online. The process can take up to six weeks for students to receive an admissions decision after the online application is complete and all official transcripts have been received, so check the academic calendar to ensure that you apply in a timely manner. It is recommended that you apply at least nine weeks before the start of any term. Some colleges have specific deadlines for postbaccalaureate students.

Listed below are the different admissions types offered at Oregon State. Within each of these, you will find the requirements, deadlines and application forms.

Financial aid information

Students applying for financial aid must intend to enroll as a degree-seeking student at OSU to be eligible. Contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships at OSU to begin the application process. Read more info on our financial aid webpage.

Returning OSU student information

Previously admitted OSU students are eligible to register if they have not been absent for four or more terms, not including summer terms. If students have been out longer, they must apply for readmission. For questions, please contact the OSU registrar's office at 541-737-4331. On the registrar's forms for students webpage, you will find the readmission application.

Graduate student information

Graduate students are eligible to register if they have only been out of school for up to two terms, including summer. If they have not registered for courses within the past three terms, they must contact the OSU Graduate School.