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NUTR 551 – Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy (4)

This advanced course includes evidence-based practices and standards of care available to address complex scenarios for which medical nutrition therapy is an integral part of patient care. students will build on prior assessment, nutritional diagnostic, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and documentation skills relevant to dietetics practice. Lecture, readings, case studies including professional documentation and expert guests will be used to illustrate medical nutrition therapy addressing topics such as as domestic malnutrition, nutrition support, pediatric nutrition, eating disorders, diabetes and geriatric nutrition. This course may be subject to Enforced Prerequisites that restrict registration into the course. Check the offerings below for more information.

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TermCRNSecCrP/NInstructorTypeStatusCapAvailWL CapWL Avail
F19200854004Horner, N.Online Open201600
Registration Restrictions
Major Restrictions: +4660 (Nutrition)
Class Notes: Online section. Restricted to enrollees in the Professional Dietetics Masters Internship (Verification Statement from ACEND-accredited didactic program in Dietetics required), or instructors consent.

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Syllabus: Available in Canvas to students enrolled in this course. Or contact instructor to request syllabus.
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