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College of Forestry

WSE 266 INDUSTRIAL HEMP (3) [Bacc Core]

Introduction to the botany, biology and agronomy of the hemp plant, and the origins, historical contexts and implications of contemporary legal and social issues surrounding its use for food, fiber, and building products. Taught via Ecampus only. (Bacc Core Course) This course may be subject to Enforced Prerequisites that restrict registration into the course. Check the offerings below for more information.

Course Attributes
Core, Pers, Soc Proc & Inst
Core, Pers, West Culture

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TermCRNSecCrP/NInstructorTypeStatusCapAvailWL CapWL AvailSection TitleRestrictsCommentsSyllabus
Sp18544054003Mangla, S.OnlineWaitlisted60055Online section.Section Syllabus
F18149784003Hermann, A.OnlineOpen10010000Online section.Section Syllabus

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