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BI 450 – Marine Biology and Ecology (15)

A comprehensive lecture and laboratory introduction to the flora and fauna of the marine environment approached from the level of the organism to ecosystem. Ecological patterns and processes characteristic of marine communities will be emphasized. Lec/lab. Taught at Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, OR. (Writing Intensive Course) This course may be subject to Enforced Prerequisites that restrict registration into the course. Check the offerings below for more information.

Course Attributes
Core, Skills, WIC

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TermCRNSecCrP/NInstructorTypeStatusCapAvailWL CapWL Avail
Sp245131040015Hacker, S.Online Open25100
Registration Restrictions
Enforced Prereqs: (BI 370 [D-] or BI 370H [D-] ) and (ST 351 [D-] or ST 351H [D-] )
Recommended: ST 352
Department Approval Required
Class Notes: On-site at Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, in GVMS 146 and HMSC 27/31. Admission is by application only, available fall term by the Biology and Zoology listserv or by emailing IB.advising@

Additional Fees: $

Syllabus: Available in Canvas to students enrolled in this course. Or contact instructor to request syllabus. (Note: An ONID account is required to view OSU's online directory.)
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= Signifies the course as a Baccalaureate Core Course.
= Signifies that fees may apply to the course.
+ = Include restriction.
- = Exclude restriction.
* = Prereq may be taken prior to or simultaneously with this course.