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College of Forestry

MNR 550 – Climate Change Impacts on Forest Ecosystems (3)

Forest management responses to climate change will rely on understanding the mechanisms of interaction between forests and climate, as well as the capacity to evaluate impacts of future climate scenarios on forests. This course will consider effects of rising CO2 and changing climate at the level of ecophysiological processes, changes in species distribution, changes in disturbance regimes, and ecosystem-level impacts mediated by the water, carbon, and nitrogen cycles. Modeling approaches will include statistically-based bioclimatic envelopes, and dynamic global vegetation models that treat ecosystem processes and changes in biome distribution. This course may be subject to Enforced Prerequisites that restrict registration into the course. Check the offerings below for more information.

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Sp20556004003Turner, D.Online Open20555
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Recommended: Basic ecology course. FCSJ Graduate Certificate students should take SNR 511 in their first term
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