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CH 231 – General Chemistry (4)

A general chemistry sequence for students majoring in most sciences, pharmacy, and chemical engineering. CH 231 is a lecture course; CH 261 is the laboratory component. (Bacc Core Course if taken with CH 261) This course may be subject to Enforced Prerequisites that restrict registration into the course. Check the offerings below for more information.

Course Attributes
Core Pers, PhySci Attached Lec

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TermCRNSecCrP/NInstructorTypeStatusCapAvailWL CapWL Avail
Su24724424004Londhe, S.Online Open901300
Registration Restrictions
Enforced Prereqs: MTH 111* [C-] or MTH 111Z* [C-] or MTH 112* [C-] or MTH 112Z* [C-] or MTH 251* [C-] or MTH 251H* [C-] or MTH 252* [C-] or MTH 252H* [C-] or MTH 254* [C-] or MTH 254H* [C-] or Placement Test MPAL(060)
Class Notes: Jun 24-Jul 19 Session 2 This course requires online proctored testing, which may include testing fees and the use of security measures, such as a scan of your testing environment. Please carefully review online proctor test information at: . CH 261 is a corequsite for CH 231 and the lab can be taken at the same time or after completing the corresponding lecture CH 231.

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Syllabus: Available in Canvas to students enrolled in this course. Or download a sample syllabus.
Session: Summer 1st 4 Week SessionSession 2 (Summer 1st 4 Week Session)
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= Signifies the course as a Baccalaureate Core Course.
= Signifies that fees may apply to the course.
+ = Include restriction.
- = Exclude restriction.
* = Prereq may be taken prior to or simultaneously with this course.