JumpStart by EdAssist

Oregon State tuition benefit program for nondegree-seeking students

Gain skills online without a long-term commitment

Through JumpStart by EdAssist, you can explore college coursework online without having to commit to a full degree program. When you’re ready to pursue a degree, you can apply your credits toward an OSU degree or transfer them to a university of your choice.

Oregon State offers a wide range of general education courses that will enable you to develop in-demand skills and serve as the foundation for degree completion in the future. Completing courses that fall within general education skills categories will equip you with a deeper understanding of the modern world and instruction in areas that are part of bachelor’s degree programs at most colleges and universities:

  1. Writing foundations (e.g. WR 121Z – Composition I)
  2. Communications foundations (e.g. COMM 111 – Public Speaking)
  3. Basic math (e.g. MTH 111 – College Algebra)
  4. Personal fitness and health (e.g. HHS 231 – Lifetime Fitness for Health)

You can also explore more short-term learning opportunities through Oregon State’s microcredentials. Microcredentials offer a more structured way for you to focus your studies on a particular topic area through a short series of courses.

Contact an OSU Ecampus enrollment services specialist to learn more about which courses could be a good fit for your goals.

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How is the scholarship applied?

These are the five actions you need to take in order for your tuition benefit to be applied to your Oregon State student account:

  1. Apply to Oregon State as a nondegree student and select EdAssist on the admissions application.
  2. Complete the tuition assistance application through EdAssist.
  3. EdAssist will confirm your benefit eligibility with OSU before the start of each term. OSU must have confirmation prior to the start of the term to award the scholarship.
  4. The scholarships will be visible on your student account on regular billing dates at the start of each term.

10% tuition savings

Oregon State University is pleased to offer eligible EdAssist by Bright Horizons participants a scholarship equal to 10 percent of tuition for all OSU courses delivered online through Ecampus.

Please note: The scholarship is effective for enrollment in future terms and will not be applied retroactively.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the EdAssist tuition benefit?

The EdAssist tuition benefit is a scholarship equal to 10% of Oregon State’s tuition for all courses taken online by OSU Ecampus-coded students.

Am I eligible for this program?

All EdAssist client employees who are OSU Ecampus-coded are eligible to participate in this tuition benefit program. Select EdAssist clients are offering the JumpStart benefit to their employees. Check with your employer if you have questions about your benefit. You should submit a tuition assistance application with EdAssist at least six weeks prior to the start of your first term, as we cannot award scholarships retroactively.

When can I start?

Oregon State is on a quarter-based calendar, which means we offer classes online in fall, winter, spring and summer. You can begin taking classes online in any season.

What’s it like to be an online student?

Oregon State is ranked one of the nation’s best online universities because our online programs and courses are highly engaging and rigorous. Preview the online learning experience.

How will I be reimbursed?

The 10% tuition scholarship will be deducted from your bill each term. Connect with your employer about any possible additional tuition benefits.

What if I stop working for an EdAssist client employer?

Only EdAssist client employees are eligible for this scholarship. If you stop working for an EdAssist client, your status as an OSU student won’t be affected, but you’ll no longer receive the scholarship extended to EdAssist client members.

How do I apply to Oregon State?

Before applying, we suggest you speak with an Ecampus enrollment specialist to learn more about the university, financial aid, etc. Call 800-667-1465 or email ecampus@oregonstate.edu.

I’m having trouble registering for a course. What do I do?

Detailed registration instructions are available on our website. If you experience issues gaining access to a course, reach out to our student services staff at Ecampus.ess@oregonstate.edu.

When will my scholarship be applied to my student account?

Once your verification has been approved and you register for classes, the tuition scholarship will be applied to your student account after week 4 of each academic term.

What happens if I enroll in an Ecampus course after my scholarship has been awarded?

If you successfully petition for a late change of registration (after week 4 of the term) and either add an Ecampus course or switch sections of a currently enrolled course to an Ecampus section, please contact ecampus.ess@oregonstate.edu. We will take actions to adjust your scholarship amount accordingly.

How can I learn more about transferring my OSU credits to another institution?

Transfer credit acceptance is always at the discretion of the receiving institution. Most colleges and universities provide transfer credit equivalency information on their website.

How many courses can I take per quarter?

If you are a nondegree-seeking student, you may take up to 8 credits per quarter.

Application process

Before you apply to learn online with Oregon State University, we want to provide you with all the information you need make an informed decision.

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Application schedule

At Oregon State, we admit students in each of our four quarterly terms. The application deadlines vary based on your level of study.

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