Getting Started Guide

This is a helpful guide for newly admitted online students at Oregon State University who are ready to start taking courses.

Not admitted? Please visit our "ready-to-apply" information page for application procedures and requirements for OSU.

New students

Step 1: Set up your ONID (OSU Network Identification)

This account is required to register for classes, access Canvas (your online classes), and provides you with your university email address. Your ONID email is your official OSU email, billing notification and all other OSU communications will be sent there. Be sure to check it regularly. To set up your ONID account, check out the ONID sign-up instructions for details.

Note: OSU ID Cards are optional for online students. If you plan on using higher education facilities throughout the nation, or wish to receive student discounts, it could be beneficial to have one. The ID Center will mail non-photo ID cards to admitted OSU students – visit the ID Center's website for more information.

Step 2: Complete the Ecampus online orientation (not required for nondegree or graduate students)

The Ecampus online orientation is intended for undergraduate degree-seeking students. If you are a graduate student or nondegree-seeking student, this is not required.

Step 3: Complete the ALEKS Math Placement Test (if needed)

         NOTE: If you have already completed a College level math course, please skip to step 4.

Transfer students who have not successfully completed college level math will be required to take the Math Placement Test online (ALEKS). College level math is defined as Math 111 (College Algebra) or equivalent and above. If your college level math was taken more than 1 year ago, please skip to step 4 and speak to your advisor during your first appointment to determine if you will need to take the Math Placement Test.

General instructions: The Math Placement Test is designed to assist academic advisors in placing you in the appropriate level of math given your current skill level. Therefore an accurate score on the Math Placement Test is vital in order to provide you with a correct placement. It is recommended that you set aside 90 minutes to complete the test and have reliable internet access when you take the test. You can take the ALEKS Math Placement Test online with a valid ONID account.  Click "LOG INTO ALEKS" in the middle of the page to complete the placement test.

 Step 4: Discuss your course choices with Ecampus and your major advisor (not required for nondegree/graduate students)

We want you to be successful in your academic program and we believe getting guidance before you start your first class is a must. First, find the list of available courses on our online schedule of classes. Pick the courses you are interested in and discuss those options with your major advisor. Your advisor will make sure that you are staying on track for graduation. If you need help or just want to know some interesting courses to take, please contact our Student Services Center at 800-667-1465 .

Step 5: Read through our information on Tuition and Fees

Make sure you submitted your "advanced tuition deposit (ATD)" of $200 and the form. The ATD confirms your intent to enroll at OSU and allows us to create your student account. Please note that after a certain date, the ATD is nonrefundable. Complete details about the ATD are available on the Office of Admissions website. 

Visit the tuition and fees webpage for complete information about the cost of courses, when payment is due and about financial aid.

Ready to start

Register for courses

Registration for all OSU courses is done online through the OSU Student Online Services system. To register, you will need your ONID ID, a registration PIN (undergraduates receive their PIN from their major advisor) and the CRN (or course number, which can be found in the schedule of classes) for the courses you want to take. Visit our step-by-step online registration guide page for further information about how to register for a class. 

Obtain your course materials

Your course syllabus, which can be found online each term, should list all materials you will need to complete your course. Be sure to get all materials, such as textbooks and videos, before the term starts. Visit the OSU Beaver Store website in order to receive your required texts in time. Course material information is outlined under each course listing in our schedule of classes.

Log in to Canvas (your online learning portal)

All OSU online courses are taught in Canvas – a virtual classroom in which you interact with the content, with other students and with faculty. Your ONID login and password will get you inside Canvas.

Adding, dropping or withdrawing from a class

A good resource to review prior to taking your first class is information on how to add, drop or withdraw from an OSU class and OSU's academic policies. 

A few words of advice

Make sure you understand what your classes require. Read through the class syllabus before the class starts. Also, connect with your instructor within the first few days. Our online Ecampus students say this is a beneficial habit to develop when taking classes online. And don't forget to keep up with key dates and deadlines.

Valuable resources – Bookmark these pages!

This is a collection of links to what we think are valuable resources for our Ecampus students.  Keep them handy.

And remember ...

If you need any assistance or have a question, we are here to help. Call us at 800-667-1465 or send us an email.