Technical Help

For technical help, online students can use the Information Services website, which provides them with technical orientations about the different accounts at OSU including Blackboard and ONID. It also provides them with phone help information to answer most any of their technical problems.

Online learning can provide its own set of challenges with computer hardware and software, Internet connectivity, logging in to your course website, file compatibilities, etc. Below please find some additional technical help and resources: Canvas, Blackboard, checking your computer, OSU Computer Helpdesk, software/hardware educational pricing and Student Evaluation of Teaching.

Canvas and Blackboard

OSU is transitioning from Blackboard to the next-generation learning management system, Canvas by Instructure. The transition will take place throughout 2015. So, during 2015, you may have some course sites in Blackboard and some in Canvas. Use your ONID login credentials to access your courses, whether they be in Blackboard or Canvas.

Canvas Tech Support

For 24/7 support for courses offered in Canvas, click the Help link in the upper right corner of any Canvas course site. Or, call the Canvas Support Hotline at 844-329-3084. You may also find helpful answers in the Canvas Student Guide.

Blackboard Tech Support

If you are experiencing difficulties while taking a test, quiz, or survey via Blackboard, we have put together Blackboard Test Help tips.

In Blackboard, you can also use the Support tab at the top for help.

Check Your Computer

Check Your Computer shows you how the operating system and software the computer you are using currently is set up. It then helps you get this computer ready for online courses.

OSU Computer Helpdesk

OSU Computer Helpdesk provides both phone and e-mail 'how-to' assistance on a variety of operating systems and software products, including Internet tools, software applications and virus/spyware removal. To contact and get help from the OSU Computer Helpdesk visit the Helpdesk Ticketing System website.

Educational Pricing for Hardware and Software

Educational pricing is available for OSU students to purchase new hardware and software at a discount. Many of these products may prove to be useful in completing your online education.

OSUware and Recommended Software

OSU provides several links to useful downloads on the OSUware page.

Student Evaluation of Teaching

If you experience difficulties while completing the Course Evaluation (Student Evaluation of Teaching), please review our SET Help information.