Military students excel with Ecampus whenever, wherever

Discover the flexibility of OSU degrees online

No one knows the rigors of life in the military as well as the men and women who serve. And no one knows better than they do just how challenging it is to balance career and family duties with academic pursuits.

Ecampus graduates and military veterans Play

Three military veterans share their words of wisdom on how to meet the challenge of earning a degree online while actively serving your country.

We're not here to tell you that Oregon State Ecampus makes it all possible. We'll let our military student veterans do that instead.

The flexibility of online learning and the instruction of OSU’s outstanding faculty allow military members to pursue their educational goals no matter where in the world they are located.

Read more about the graduating class of 2015 and their ties to the military.

Take a look at what some of our students have to say about their Ecampus experience:

Rhonda Wise

B.S. in Natural Resources, U.S. Navy

Vanessa Rutherford

B.S. in Agricultural Sciences, U.S. Air Force

Colby Mangini

Master of Health Physics, U.S. Navy

Kate Brinkley

B.S. in Environmental Sciences, U.S. Coast Guard

Jason Watts

Master of Radiation Health Physics, U.S. Air Force

Katie Rodgers

B.S. in Agricultural Sciences, U.S. Marine Corps

Sean Carothers

B.S. in Natural Resources, U.S. Air Force

Amy Nelson

Natural resources major, U.S. Army Reserves

David Disselhorst

B.S. in Agricultural Sciences, U.S. Army

Luke Leineweber

Liberal studies major, U.S. Navy

Justin Robson

B.S. in Agricultural Sciences, U.S. Army

Rob Webb

Natural resources major, U.S. Navy

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