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The OSU Extended Campus Online Orientation

This orientation is for OSU Extended Campus (Ecampus) students. The orientation is divided into three paths:  graduate, non-degree seeking, and undergraduate student.

Note: If you are primarily an on-campus student, please contact the Office of New Student Programs & Family Outreach for START orientation information.


Click here to start the graduate orientation.

Non-degree seeking students

Click here to start the non-degree orientation.

Undergraduate and Post-Bacc students

In order for your advisor to be aware of your completion of this orientation, you must take the orientation review quiz located within the Finishing Steps section. Please do not complete the review quiz until you have received your formal admission letter.

Current Ecampus students who wish to change majors from one degree program to another must complete the review quiz at the end of the orientation.

Click here to start the undergraduate orientation.


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