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Planning Your Degree

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Ecampus students have many academic goals. Your partner in meeting these goals is your academic advisor. He or she will help you plan the best sequence and assortment of courses, along with valuable experiences and requirements in earning your degree. In this section, you will cover important information about the advising process and explanations of some common terms. You will then have a brief introduction to the policies and procedures that govern OSU academics, and to the Ecampus schedule of classes, a very useful tool in planning your degree.

Advising at OSU

Tips from Ecampus Students

"Organize your life before taking courses on lineā€“don't wait till after the term has started. The effort you put into your on line classes will be rewarded with gained knowledge and good grades."

Planning Your Degree is a Shared Responsibility

Your advisor will:

  • Help you clarify your goals
  • Explain how past coursework might be applied toward your degree
  • Assist you in course selection
  • Monitor your progress toward goals
  • Refer you to additional services, as appropriate

You, the student, should:

  • Know how to contact your advisor for appointments and consult with your advisor on a regular basis (as requested by your advisor)
  • Prepare for each advising appointment by making a list of possible future courses and any questions
  • Have all relevant materials at hand for advising appointments
  • Be knowledgeable about requirements
  • Be familiar with university academic regulations
  • Communicate directly with instructors regarding course content and expectations
  • Recognize that you bear responsibility for your education

Your advisor will not:

  • Give you financial aid assistance.
  • Help you with bookstore orders and other bookstore information.
  • Provide technical help for Blackboard or computer issues.
  • Explain billing and give billing information.


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