SET (Course Evaluation) Help Information

When experiencing difficulties while completing the SET (course evaluation), please remember the following:

Problems while Completing Form

  • There is a 60 minute inactivity time-out with Banner. So, if you have it open, but you don't do anything, it will log you out after 60 minutes.
  • There can be network problems that cause some Banner connections to fail.
  • There is the possible "submit" button problem. The problem is that some "old" browsers will activate that button when the "enter" key is pressed, which people also use to "format" their responses with blank lines and paragraphs.

Problems with Form Submission

  • If you double click on the submit button, this can cause problems for form submission.

Problems with Settings on Your Computer

  • Spyware is notorious for causing problems with submissions. It is recommend to use some type of program to remove spyware from your computer.
  • Problems with Windows XP Service Pack 2 firewall can cause problems. Most of these can be resolved by disabling the Windows Firewall installation of Service Pack 2. You need a firewall, however, so do not disable the Windows Firewall unless you have the Symantec firewall installed and configured.
  • Problems with pop-up blocking software. Information regarding pop-up blocking is available at: Check Your Computer.

Problems with Internet Provider or Internet Connection

Dial-Up Modems

  • Dial up modem idle time -- Your Internet Service Provide (ISP) may disconnect after several minutes of idle time, time when the screen has not changed to a new page, or scrolled (which often happens when a student is reading online or completing a form). Users can open another browser window to another site and periodically activate links on the page to fool the ISP server into staying connected.
  • DSL or Dial-Up -- Your phone line may have static, which will effect your connection. Pick up your phone and listen for static.


  • Your cable provider may be down. Check with the cable provider.


  • If you use satellite connection, there may be signal interference.


  • AOL idle time -- AOL will disconnect a user if idle time exceeds the allotted minutes. Type keyword "smile4u" to prevent this.

Student Services Assistance

Our hours of operation are: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm (PST).

Student Services Center
Phone: 541-737-9204
Toll Free: 800-667-1465