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I am an OSU Employee. Can I use my OSU Staff Fee Discount to take online classes?

Yes. Oregon State's faculty and staff tuition reduction policy includes all courses delivered online through Oregon State Ecampus.

All existing eligibility criteria for the tuition reduction benefit applies to Ecampus courses with one exception: The discount on Ecampus courses is only for Oregon State University faculty, staff and their dependents, not for employees of other Oregon public universities.*

* Please note: Beginning Jan. 1, 2023 the staff rate tuition for Oregon State Ecampus online and distance courses will be available to employees and their qualifying family members of any Oregon public university. Program exclusions for online or distance courses will be the same as those noted for campus programs. See the Oregon State staff fee page for more details.

Visit the Office of Human Resources website for more information on the faculty and staff tuition reduction benefit. If you have questions, please contact the HR office at 541-737-3103 or via its web form.

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