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Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Vol. 9, #2

Spring Edition - February 28, 2007

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Registration Information

Spring term registration for returning students began February 25; new students may register starting March 14. Spring term classes begin April 2, 2007.

New Courses & Program Highlights

Teacher & Counselor Education
ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement teacher and kids

TCE 572, TCE 576

Diversity in our schools is on the rise. This 18-credit program offered online prepares currently licensed teachers to meet the needs of students who are speakers of languages other than English. The endorsement also includes internships coordinated in teachers' home communities. Spring courses include Theoretical Foundations of Language Acquisition for P-12 Educators and Language Policy and Issues in Bilingual Education.

Hone your creative writing skills

desk and chairWR 224, WR 324, WR 424, Writing Minor

In WR 424 Advanced Fiction Writing, you’ll study and discuss the craft of fiction, become a creative writer, and get professional feedback on your work. WR 424 is the last in a series of three fiction writing courses offered online, including WR 224 Introduction to Fiction Writing, and WR 324 Short Story Writing. Ecampus also offers a complete Writing Minor online.

Geosciences in the news – the global warming debatetree and globe

GEO 307, GEO 308, GEO 309

In the hotly debated topic of natural vs. human-induced climate change, GEO 308 Global Change and Earth Sciences will shed light on the historical trends and complex factors that have shaped the Earth’s environment throughout history. Also offered spring term in Geosciences: Environmental Justice (GEO 309), and National Park Geology and Preservation (GEO 307).

OSU: A leader in Natural Resourcesstream

FOR 111, FW 325, SNR Graduate Certificate

Take cross-disciplinary courses in Natural Resources from world-renowned faculty including those from OSU’s College of Forestry, ranked No. 1 in the nation. New for spring: Introduction to Forestry, (FOR 111), Global Crisis in Resource Ecology (FW 325), and several new graduate level courses that can be applied to the online Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Natural Resources.

Political science and sociologypatient and nurse - new courses for spring

PS 425, SOC 350

SOC 350 Health, Illness and Society examines the social and political aspects of health care systems, investigates medical dilemmas and debates, and more. In PS 425 Gender and the Law, you’ll study the history of how the law relates to women's issues, constitutional principles of equality, and several specific categories of law affecting women.

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