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Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Vol. 9, #4

Summer/Fall Edition - May 2, 2007

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Registration Information

Summer/Fall 2007

Registration for summer term has started. Most summer classes start on June 25, 2007. Hurry, classes fill quickly!

Open registration for fall term begins May 30.

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New Courses & Program Highlights

New History Courses about Women

Sojourner Truth

HST 362, HST 390

Can you name the woman in this photo? If not, consider learning more about women who influenced U.S. history during 1620 – 1920 in HST 362. (Photo answer is Sojourner Truth.) Its sequel, HST 363, covers women of the modern age and will also be offered this summer. For an Eastern perspective, take HST 390 and hear from Mideast women in their own words. You’ve got over 12 online history courses to choose from this summer!

Online Arabic Sequence

Arabic tile

ARAB 111, ARAB 112, ARAB 113

Designed for students with no prior training in Arabic, this three-course sequence is a great way to fulfill your language requirements. In your online classroom, you’ll work on pronunciation, intonation, grammar, reading, writing, listening comprehension and conversation while being introduced to Arabic culture and attitudes.

Get in Touch with the Environment, Online


FW 312, GEO 102, SNR 522

This summer, while you’re soaking up the outdoors, expand your knowledge of the environment. Grab your binoculars, and learn more about classification of birds of the world in FW 312, or explore the fascinating surface of our earth in GEO 102, a Bacc Core class. Our new Sustainable Natural Resources Graduate Certificate launches SNR 522, a graduate course that examines the basic philosophies and ethical systems in American forestry.

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German Sequences & New Minor

German castle

GER 111, 112, 113; GER 211, 212, 213; GER 311, 312, 313; GER 331, 332

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? No matter what your proficiency, you can complete an entire first-year, second-year or third-year German sequence this summer. After taking German culture (331, 332), you will probably want to save the last part of your summer for a trip to Deutschland! Ecampus now offers a German minor completely online.

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Teacher & Counselor Education Courses

Teacher and students

TCE 530, TCE 534, TCE 599

This summer, teachers and counselors have lots of options for obtaining professional development. Besides the dozen online classes available, the College of Education is bringing popular graduate-level courses to Portland, including Fundamentals of Counseling, Children’s Literature, and Pediatric Psychopharmacology for School Personnel.

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Need a Bacc Core Course?

Jump ahead on your degree requirements this summer by registering for a Baccalaureate Core class.You’ve got over 95 online options, including nine Writing Intensive Courses (WIC). Choose from Food in Non-Western Culture (NFM 216), Man’s Impact on Climate (ATS 320), Technical Writing (WR 327), the Modern Short Story (ENG 374), and more!

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