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Fall Edition - September 5, 2007

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Registration Information

Fall 2007

Registration for fall term is going on now. Hurry, classes fill quickly! Also, be sure to order your textbooks early from the OSU Bookstore to ensure your receive them in time for the start of term.

Fall term begins September 24.

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New Courses, Fresh for Fall!

Must-see forensics course

Forensic Anthropology

ANTH 446 

With the current popularity of forensic science-themed shows like "CSI" and "Bones," the upcoming ANTH 446 Forensic Anthropology course aims to provide students with the reality of what forensic anthropology is and what it takes to make it in the field. Along with learning the tools and techniques of bone recovery and identification, students will learn how to recognize impact on remains, especially trauma. The course is designed for all students and will use real-life examples of how forensic anthropology skills are used in mass disasters and cases of historical significance.

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Valuable skills for scientific careers

Woman Scientists

ENSC 505

This fall's section of ENSC 505 Reading and Conference focuses on the importance of basic accounting and finance knowledge for scientists as embark on careers requiring business management. In many science sectors, employees such as researchers in managerial positions, veterinarians, private consultants and government employees need business skills in their everyday work. Students learn how to develop financial plans and budgets, understand basic regulatory, industry and income tax reporting requirements and use economic analysis to understand the market and influence business decisions.

Environmental impact on living things

Vegetation and Atmosphere

ATS 464X

Mike Unsworth, instructor for ATS 464X Vegetation and the Atmosphere, hopes this course that illustrates how vegetation and the atmosphere interact, will provide students with "A better understanding of how their knowledge of physics and biology can be used together to help interpret and predict the complexities of climate impacts. For those planning careers in agriculture, hydrology and environmental conservation, I hope that the class will give them better insights into how human activities modify the environment in ways that can both help and hinder plant communities."

Searching for truth in philosophy

The Thinker

PHL 150

This new online Bacc Core-approved course provides basics for students with an interest in the history of philosophy, while teaching them how to philosophize on controversial topics. Instructor Will Cowling says he will focus on seeking "truth" through the principals of both science and religion, where both halves are required to understand the larger whole. "Even the ‘beginning philosopher' taking this course will be able to provide interesting and valuable insights into the questions and problems that we will encounter," Cowling says.

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The value of a dollar

Money and Banking

ECON 330

Understanding banking and money in today's modern market is not as easy as the old claim that "money doesn't grow on trees." In this new online course, the complexities of how financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies operate and the specifics of bond, stock and foreign exchange markets are laid out and examined through student interaction. After completing the course, instructor Patrick Emerson hopes that students will take with them an understanding of how monetary policy is conducted and its impact on the economy.

Taking learning outside the classroom

Field TripSED 582

If you have ever thought about facilitating and providing educational experiences to people of all ages, SED 582 Personal Dimensions of Free-Choice Learning is perfect for you! The first in a series of free-choice learning classes continuing in the winter, this course looks into what it takes to engage lifelong learners in locations outside the traditional classroom setting. The course also examines learning through visits to museums and other science and math exhibitions.

Need a Bacc Core course?

Fall is the perfect time to organize your class schedule by registering for a Baccalaureate Core class.You’ve got over 95 online options, including six Writing Intensive Courses (WIC). Choose from Environmental Conservation and Sustainability (GEO 300), Contemporary Families in the U.S. (HDFS 201), Introduction to Political Thought (PS 206), Introduction to Fiction Writing (WR 224) and more!

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