E-News - Fall 2007

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Published by: OSU Extended Campus
Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Vol. 9, #7
Fall Edition - September 19, 2007


View university dates, deadlines and holidays for fall term 2007.

Spotlight on Ecampus faculty...

Ecampus facultyWith fall term starting next week, now is the time to get to know the people who are here to help you on the path to academic success.  Discover what makes them proud to be a part of our growing online and distance education world.  Check back throughout the year as more profiles are added.  Go to Faculty Profiles...

Online learning - ideal for military personnel

Military Landing Page

OSU Extended Campus' online courses and degree programs are perfect for those serving our country across the globe or adjusting back to the civilian world and life's many responsibilities.  Earning an accredited OSU degree is a great way to enhance your military resume and job search marketability. Read more...

Using the library from a distance...Library Resources

Have you noticed the new look of the OSU Libraries web page?  Along with the new look, there is an audience page designed specifically for Ecampus students. Here, Extended Campus librarian Maureen Kelly has gathered some valuable tips and resources so you will be prepared for what your fall classes have in store. Read more...

Community culture enters the classroom

MAT studentsThis year's Master of Arts in Teaching immersion program is beginning new curriculum this fall that includes elements to help the MAT students' teaching effectiveness throughout their careers. Here, see how the students will enhance their cultural awareness in our increasingly diverse world.  Read more...



New website survey results

New homepage

This summer Ecampus asked you what your thoughts were on the redesigned Extended Campus website.  We found that 85 percent of you had a positive to very positive impression of our new site. The top strengths you noted focused on navigation, easy-to-read text and design.  Our survey winner, Nihar Mandavia, is a pharmacist and is now scheduled to take Ecampus courses because he said that "e-learning is the only way that I can attend classes while working full time."  Have a question or comment about our website's new look?  Email us at ecampus@oregonstate.eduRead Nihar's story...

Looking for a fun fall course?

QuickSkillsIf you have ever wanted to master Adobe Photoshop or would like to boost your outdoor survival skills, then a QuickSkills online course is the perfect fit for those looking for personal enrichment or professional development.  Degree-seeking students can also take care of Bacc Core course requirements with online courses designed to expand your worldview, including PS 206 Introduction to Political Thought, ANTH 380 Cultures in Conflict and GEO 309 Environmental Justice.


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