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Winter Edition - October 31, 2007

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Registration Information

Winter 2008

Priority registration for Winter term begins November 4, and open registration begins December 3. Also, you can order your textbooks early from the OSU Bookstore to ensure your receive them in time for the start of term.

Winter term begins January 7.

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New Courses to Start the New Year

Discovering differing points of view

Pacific Northwest Indians

AG 301 

Students will be given the opportunity to explore the contrasting historical views of  European Americans and indigenous Native peoples on northwest ecosystems in winter term's new AG 301 Ecosystem Science of Pacific NW Indians course.  Students will not only learn about these differences in a historical context, but will see how decisions about land use and natural resources have shaped the present and help prepare them for the future.

Examine the process of adult development

Adult Development and Aging

HDFS 314

The new HDFS 314 Adult Development and Aging course will feature a multi-disciplinary approach to the biological, psychological and social influences on adult development and aging.  Through this experience, instructor Erica Srinivasan hopes "that students will be able to apply concepts from this course to their own lives and be inspired to work with aging populations."

Using new technologies to strengthen business

Media Entrepreneurship

NMC 441

Ron Seymour, instructor for NMC 441 Media Entrepreneurship, says this new online course will "take the regular curriclum for starting a business and meld the elements of our environment's rapidly evolving developments in new media."  Students will understand how to effectively integrate uses of cellphone technology, widespread WiFi connectivity and social networking to better supplement their business success.

Building student-teacher relationships

Middle Schoolers

TCE 512

This new online course, TCE 512 Psychology of the Adolescent, is aimed toward students in our Master's of Arts in Teaching programs and other undergrads focusing on a career in teaching middle and high school-aged students.  According to instructor Mike O'Malley, students will examine the environmental, psychological and behavioral elements that impact adolescents and learn how to effectively teach and build relationships during these sometimes-turbulent years.   

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Impress employers with certificate in Sustainable Natural Resources

Sustainable Natural Resources

SNR 506X, SNR 511X, SNR 522X, SNR 530X, SNR 532X, SNR 535X

If you are considering graduate-level education, then you should explore the flexible options our online graduate certificate in Sustainable Natural Resources provides.  Designed for company, industry or agency employees, the 18-credit program helps students prepare for the growing field of effective sustainable natural resource management.

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Looking for a fun Bacc Core course?

Degree-seeking undergrads should make it a New Year's resolution to organize their class schedules by registering for a Baccalaureate Core class. You’ve got over 95 online options, including nine Writing Intensive Courses (WIC). Choose from WR 214 Writing in Business, HHS 231 Lifetime Fitness for Health, GEO 305 Living with Active Cascade Volcanoes, WS 450 Ecofeminism and more!

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