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Winter Edition - Nov. 5, 2008

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Registration Information

Priority registration starts next week

Priority registration for winter term starts Nov. 9 and open registration begins Dec. 8. View the Academic Calendar to find out the date when you can register.

Winter term starts Jan. 5, 2009.

Also, you can order your textbooks early from the OSU Bookstore to ensure you receive them before the term starts.

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New Courses and Program Highlights

Online graduate certificates in natural resource conservation and management

Natural Resources Graduate Certificates

Ecampus offers flexible professional development opportunities for individuals in natural resource careers through our three online graduate certificates in Fisheries Management, Sustainable Natural Resources and Water Conflict Management and Transformation. Each focuses on a curriculum that includes viewpoints from a range of perspectives and contexts so participants are prepared to address today’s environmental issues.

Take a look at this selection of the courses offered winter term:

Fisheries Management Curriculum

FW 579 Wetlands and Riparian Ecology
FW 620 Ecological Policy
MRM 525 Ocean Law

Sustainable Natural Resources Curriculum

SNR 511X Sustainable Natural Resource Development
SNR 522X Basic Beliefs and Ethics in Natural Resources
SNR 530X Ecological Principles of Sustainable Natural Resources

Water Conflict Management and Transformation Curriculum

PS 475 / 575 Environmental Politics and Policy
PS 577 International Environmental Politics and Policy
SOC 580 Environmental Sociology 

Name that movie tune

Music in the MoviesMUS 102

In this Bacc Core course, Professor Michael Coolen looks forward to helping students discover the impact of movie soundtracks on viewers. "I hope students will take away a deeper appreciation of music's powerful force in shaping people's perceptions not only of movies, but of the news, commercials and political movements," he said. Coolen also notes that he will utilize online movie clips and other online resources to supplement the curriculum. When registering for this course, be sure to use CRN 37916 to secure your spot in the correct section of MUS 102.

Studying Iran's past to better understand the present

Tehran, Iran

HST 386

Modern Iran: Revolution and Its Aftermath provides an in-depth introduction to the modern history of Iran with a focus on the cultural and political factors that culminated in the 1979 revolution. Through this examination, students will be able to make associations with present-day issues surrounding Iran-U.S. relations. Instructor Jon Katz lived in Iran for two years during the build-up to the revolution and brings a vivid recollection of those turbulent times to the course.

Understanding ecological policy issues

Wildland Plant Identification

RNG 253

As one of the few plant identification courses taught online, this Bacc Core course will provide students with techniques to identify plants as well as a solid knowledge of many of the important plant species in the American West. RNG 253 was designed to be of value for current or future natural resource professionals west of the Mississippi River, including those who might work for such agencies as BLM, NRCS, USFWS, USFS, state natural resource and environmental agencies and non-profits.

Stories of Mexican immigration to the U.S.

Mexican Immigrant Experience

SPAN 339

This new online course will explore and uncover connections between the social, political and environmental issues that impact Mexican immigrants as they shift their lives to the United States. Instructor Loren Chavarria-Bechtel stresses that the course "goes beyond exposing misfortune and distress, and encourages students to discover hope and courage in stories of resistance." The course will be taught entirely in Spanish and requires upper division Spanish reading and discussion courses as prerequisites.

Looking for something new to start out 2009?

Give yourself something to look forward to next term by registering for an online Bacc Core course in a new and fascinating subject area. Try ANTH 330 Evolution of People, Technology and Society; GEO 300 Environmental Conservation and Sustainability; NUTR 216 Food in Non-Western Culture; and WR 214 Writing in Business. Enjoy discovering new perspectives while broadening your interests.

Degree-seeking undergrads can also explore our 11 online minors, including offerings in Business & Entrepreneurship, Political Science and Writing. Use the upcoming term to expand your knowledge and skill set, while adding the perfect supplement to your degree.

Online winter Bacc Core courses

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